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The Best Ways to Market Your Business Services Online


If your online marketing is starting to feel stale or has stopped producing what you wanted, it is time to take bold and decisive action. Necessity really can be the mother of invention and there are going to be times when you simply need to do what you think will work the best. There is nothing wrong with this action and most of the time you'll get the job done. So it's important to be creative and open to the idea of doing the things that other people won't do. Your willingness to take a chance will eventually reward you.

Long before the Internet became popular, the only option was offline marketing. Because it wasn't called "offline" then it was called "direct response" advertising and marketing. You will borrow from that and adopt a multi-step marketing process using Facebook pages, videos and your money site - or a squeeze page. Drive traffic, for example, through a Facebook page that contains both video and text based content. You can also make a separate feeder site that is basically a video site. Then you either send them to your main site or even a squeeze page. You need to put more work into your lead generation efforts. You can do this by selling the giveaway and benefits you list to generate leads to also build your list. There are all sorts of different kinds of experts and professionals out there--within each markets or niches. This is great because you can make marketing videos that feature all of those different experts. There is more to this than interviewing though if you would like to do interviews you can certainly do that. But you do talk to these experts and then explain to your audience what it is that the experts do and why it matters. This is a different kind of marketing, and take note of the fact that you are using expert information and people. So in a sense, odd as it may be, you're not just encouraging your audience to associate you with those experts, you're encouraging your audience to think of you as an expert too.


If your goal is to be a player in one of the very competitive niches you can do this pretty easily. The idea is to take a later approach to them instead of one that is head on. The goal should be to pick niches that interest you, do your research and then find some sub-niches in which you can publish good content. The next step is to create a video series or eBook that centers on that content or sub-niche and get to marketing work. What you have to do is come at the content and niches from a different angle so that you're going after the same audience but with a new approach so it feels new to them. If you pay attention for a long enough time you'll see that pretty much every internet marketer out there does the same thing as every other internet marketer. Of course, they're usually encouraged to avoid "reinventing the wheel." This is all fine and good but the truth is that sometimes you need to make your own way. Don't be afraid to do an experiment or try out a new idea no matter how far out it may seem.

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